2017 Project Cha Cha – The Triumphant August Return!

Dear Connie,

Welcome back! We re-join our easily distracted knitter after a brief, unintentional hiatus. Let’s see what she’s done, shall we?

OK, silly observational tone over. This is the latest progress on my modified Hue Shift project. The modifications are that I’ve incorporated a larger number of colors, I’m weaving the squares instead of knitting them, and then they’re felted. I think the overall effect is going to be very cool when it’s done (whenever that may be).

2017-09-01 17.02.18

As of this picture you’re looking at 65 finished squares (not all felted yet), of a total of 361 – so I’m 18% complete. To keep me motivated for the purpose of Project Cha Cha, I’m measuring this and the Mosaic Afghan in mini-achievements. For this it’s every 20 finished squares counts as a finished project. It doesn’t do anything to lessen the number of projects on the needles, but it does offer a nice reward.

2017-09-02 07.55.09

I’m also making tracks on my Rhombus socks by Cookie A. I cast on the 2nd sock this month and I’m through the heel and gusset already. Given how heavily patterned these are, I’m quite proud of the progress. Unfortunately I also tried on the 1st sock and it seems like I got sick of knitting and started the toe too early! So I ripped it back and it will get another repeat added to it. I certainly do not have any shortage of yarn – Cascade Heritage Sock has a heck of a put-up!

Which brings me, finally, to the illicit, unsanctioned knitting that has been happening. There was the beginning of some gift knitting, so I’m not going to share that one, as well as a shawl and a charity project.

2017-08-04 15.44.43

I too have fallen to the siren song that is the Find Your Fade shawl that seems to be sweeping Ravelry. I pulled a selection of my sock leftovers and after a little weeding, I’m pretty happy with the results:

2017-09-02 07.56.56

I still don’t love the mesh lace pattern, but I do like the color progression very much. And it’s fun to work a project that uses up leftovers!

2017-08-16 17.32.55

One of the ladies in my knitting group in Okinawa put out a call for 5″ squares for a charity blanket. Leah was very excited to get to help pick stitch patterns and match them to the worsted leftovers that she liked best. I have the 5 volume set of Lark Books Stitch Collection, and she had fun looking through them all.

Now that summer vacation is over, I won’t “need” as many ad hoc cast-ons so I have that perfect travel project.  Also, my husband is going to be out of the house for most of month, and that usually equates to a good bit of extra knitting time.  By the end of September, I’ll be putting up some big numbers!  But until then…

2017 Stats as of 8/31/17:

  • 17 projects on the needles
    • 12 from before 2017 (One Step Forward)
    • 5 after (One Step Back)
  • 15 projects off the needles
    • 8 from before 2017 + 3 mini-achievements on huge projects
    • 7 after
  • Pre-2017 project completion, as of 1/1/17: 46%
  • Pre-2017 project completion, as of 8/31/17: 74%
  • Post-2017 project completion, as of 8/31/17: 81%

~ Lindsay


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