2017 Project Cha Cha – May Update

Dear Connie,

I have made no progress on the effort to complete two projects for every new one.  I’ve been blowing off Project Cha Cha entirely and working on yet another unauthorized project!

2017-05-17 13.33.52

Casting on The Laminaria by Elizabeth Freeman was a Mother’s Day gift from me to me, and I’ve been enjoying the dickens out of it.  I’m working it in Mrs. Crosby’s Train Case in the colorway Great Tailed Grackle.  The picture above is outdated; I’m currently on the 7th of 8 repeats of the Blossom Chart.  But knitted lace is not a lot of fun to photograph before it’s blocked.  The real star of this project has been Mistake-topus.

2017-05-19 06.11.07

Mistake-topus joined the Laminaria effort as I began the Transition Chart. Her job is to live at the bottom of my pattern and catch all my mistakes with her many arms. And I have kept her busy…

2017-05-21 09.45.27

First there was an incident that was accompanied by a glass of red wine and resulted in some lace surgery.

2017-05-24 12.35.44-1

Then there was the time when, distracted by social media platforms who shall remain nameless, I failed to count to the astronomically high figure of 12 with any consistent success.

2017-05-30 17.56.44

And of course, the time I managed to run a lifeline through about 50 stitch markers while I purled the last row of a repeat.

The long and short of it is that I’m really enjoying the pattern and the project, though I’m plagued with guilt over not knitting the things I’m “supposed to” be knitting. I’ll get back on track after this one is blocked.

I promise.

For realsies.

2017 Stats as of 5/31/17:

  • 15 projects on the needles
    • 12 from before 2017 (One Step Forward)
    • 3 after (One Step Back)
  • 11 projects off the needles
    • 8 from before 2017
    • 3 after
  • Pre-2017 project completion, as of 1/1/17: 46%
  • Pre-2017 project completion, as of 5/31/17: 68%

~ Lindsay


One thought on “2017 Project Cha Cha – May Update

  1. I 100% feel your pain with the lack of ability to count. My nemesis number with that is 9. Apparently it’s too much to expect me to count that high consistently for more than a millisecond. I totally love the Laminaria, and Mistake-topus or not, I think you’re doing a bang-up job. I look forward to being able to knit along with you again someday soonish.

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