2017 Project Cha Cha – April Update

Dear Connie,

I’m late in posting my April wrap-up because…well, I’m ashamed.

This month, I didn’t finish any of my old projects AT ALL!  Not only that, I started a new project that I hadn’t “earned” by the by-laws of Project Cha Cha!

(For those of you playing the home game, the by-laws of Project Cha Cha are that two old projects must be completed in order to earn the right to cast on something new.)

But cast on something new, I did.  Just before my trip to China, and in anticipation of much sitting around on airplanes and buses, I cast on a vanilla sock in exciting yarn.

2017-04-06 12.27.28

China is amazing and beautiful and HUGE.  We had a great time.  And, after a fashion, I finished those illicit socks.
2017-04-29 12.49.14These are the Yarn Harlot’s “A Good, Plain Sock” which is my go-to vanilla sock.  The yarn is Stitch Please, Sapphire Label in Psychedelic Onyx (although in honor of China, I’ve been referring to it as Rainbows & Smog).
2017 Stats as of 4/30/17:

  • 14 projects on the needles
    • 12 from before 2017 (One Step Forward)
    • 2 after (One Step Back)
  • 11 projects off the needles
    • 8 from before 2017
    • 3 after
  • Pre-2017 project completion, as of 1/1/17: 46%
  • Pre-2017 project completion, as of 4/30/17: 65%

~ Lindsay

P.S.  I may not do any better next month, finishing projects from last year, but there’s still stash being turned into objects and 11 projects finished since the beginning of the year.  And that’s pretty good.