The Agony of Defeat

Dear Lindsay,

I give up. I just can’t make the Slip and Slide socks work. I’ve changed yarn, changed needles, and changed my expectations, but no matter what I manipulate, either the socks are going to auto-amputate my feet just above the ankle, or the stockinette gauge for the sole is going to be such that I will walk holes in the soles within approximately 2 wearings. Neither alternative is acceptable, so I think I have to move on. Someday, I have high hopes that I will find a (possibly sport-weight) yarn that I can use and make these socks work for me, because they really are pretty and very fun to knit, but until that time, I think we should move to another sock in the book. I can’t have nothing on the needles for too long; I’ll get cranky.

How do you feel about The Mock Cables and Lace socks?


P.S. It feels like it’s about a million degrees here lately, and no rain at all, and yet I still want to play with wool. I may be a knitting addict. Obviously, though, the only 12 steps I need are the ones that lead me to the LYS.


One thought on “The Agony of Defeat

  1. Oh no! No worries, it happens to the best of us. I had been holding off on my 2nd Slip-n-Slide while you got yours up and running, but now I’ll have to power through it so we can start the next pattern!

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