Finished Baby Items

Dear Connie,

Actual knitting content!  Wonders never cease.

A woman in my knitting group here, the Okinawa Yarnies, is expecting her second baby later this month.  Remembering how much I loved the one you made for Leah, I decided to finally try my hand at the Baby Surprise Jacket:

2015-03-02 17.20.36

Now, because this is the recipient’s second child, I wanted to make something for the soon-to-be big brother.  The way I see it, it’s kind of a raw deal when you’re used to being an only child, then you get a new baby in the house that gets all the attention PLUS a whole bunch of presents.

2015-03-02 17.22.49

These projects were so much fun to knit, and the recipient was very surprised and touched when I gave them to her, which is so gratifying.

I also got my Ruby Red off the needles and blocked, but it needs buttons before it’s ready to present to the world.  Soon!

I miss you a ton.

Love, Lindsay