A Sadly Pictureless Update

Dear Connie,

I have done nothing on my sock!  What I have done is finish one gift project entirely and gotten another about 90% complete.  Given the secret nature of the gift and the internet-savvy of the recipient, I cannot share pictures of those projects until quite a bit later down the road.  What I can share is the action-packed events of our first Thanksgiving weekend in Okinawa as a family.

  • Friday – went to the beach, peeked in some stores, rode a Ferris wheel, watched Leah try Japanese food for the first time.  She had udon and dubbed it “egg soup”; she liked the egg better than the noodles.
  • Saturday – went to the Churaumi Aquarium, practiced saying “excuse me, sorry” in Japanese on an endless loop as my little girl plowed through crowds of Japanese people, learned how to pay tolls on the Okinawan Expressway.
  • Sunday – went to ANOTHER beach, built sandcastles, frolicked in the surf.

It is currently pouring and we’re getting ready for our first day of real life – grown-ups to work and Leah to her new daycare.  Wish us luck!  I’ll try and have more revealable knitting progressing next week.

Love Lindsay